Emotional Rescue & Support Mists

emotional rescue

Emotional Rescue Mists, the lineup.

Emotional Rescue Mists are blends of essential oils and gemstone essences to help support us during times of challenging emotions. They should. help bring relief, help us to be aware, and help to support us in letting go. They are somewhat playful in name, yet very powerful in their effect. THESE WORK! They make wonderful gifts too!

My feeling is there are plenty of products that promise relaxation, calm, joy……… And that’s what we want to feel. But it’s certainly not where we are initially at. These products meet you where you are at, and then we can dance from there towards new choices.

The following are available:

F-You Mist and F-You Pocket Mist – to help support anger dissipation.

WFT??!! and WTF??!! Pocket – to help release everyday shock and trauma

Goshdarnit – to help support frustration dissipation

I Just Can’t – to help relief depression

Well That Was Stupid…. – to help support feelings of failure and not good enough

Hear Me Roar – female empowerment support


View the whole line of Emotional Rescue and Support Mists.

View other Sage Moon Apothecary products that support emotional and mental well being.

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