Chronic & Autoimmune Protocol – It’s a BIG DEAL!


If you have a chronic illness or an autoimmune condition, you will benefit from reading this.

Sage Moon Apothecary Herbalist, Jennifer May, has a great deal of intimate knowledge regarding autoimmune conditions both as someone who has suffered from them herself as well as worked to help support clients in her private wellness practice. From 20 years of knowledge and experience she has put together this protocol that she believes has the potential to bring about significant improvement of symptoms and help support movement towards wellness with the root causes of disease.

Read the Sage Moon Apothecary Blog post about Mystery Chronic and Autoimmune Illnesses to learn more.

Customer Testimonial about Chronic & Autoimmune Protocol Package

“”About two weeks ago I received the first of my three month subscription! I ordered the one for autoimmune disorders and chronic illness! I am currently on plaquenil for my RA but I’m hoping to get off of it and go all natural…. and with the help from Sage Moon I believe that is entirely possible!
Within the first 2 to 3 days, I begin to feel much less pain in my joints and more ease of movement! I am using everything in my package as directed and after two weeks almost feel like a normal person! I am so excited to recommend these wonderful products to anybody that suffers from auto immune disease, RA or Sjogren’s. I will continue to take the products with faith that over the next month or two I will continue to see improvement! Thank you for all you do for so many of us! Sage moon apothecary counceled with me and visited with me and concocted a special regimen just for me and I couldn’t be more grateful”

Sage Moon Apothecary has designed an herbal protocol that helps support and bring about shifts towards wellness for those suffering from chronic and autoimmune conditions.

This protocol package contains the following and when purchased as this package comes at a slight discount $89.50 (regularly price $96.50 plus shipping):

  • 8 ounce bottle of Adapt Adrenal Support Syrup
  • 8 ounces of Golden Milk Electuary
  • 8 ounce bottle of Thyme Berry Oxymel Syrup

The Protocol

Adapt Adrenal Support Syrup

This syrup is packed with adrenal supporting adaptogenic herbs in a concoction that tastes good. The herbs in this syrup support and nurture adrenals as opposed to some adrenal herbs that while supportive can actually be more taxing in the long run.

Best results when used over a period of time of two to three months.

Ingredients  Eluethro, ashwaganda, schizandra, astragalus,  ginger,  honey, water, a touch of alcohol to help preserve.

*not recommended for pregnant women.  Caution should be used for breastfeeding women

“You are such an amazing soul! Thank you so much for the beautiful gift!!! The adrenal syrup and deep breathe are beyond anything I’ve ever tasted! Who needs desert when you have autumn captured in a bottle?!” ~Happy Customer

“”Oh, some further noticings of life with adrenal support. I am sleeping SO much deeper and better.My stress seems manageable, I’ve got this! Thank you for the magic you make.” ~Happy Customer, Maine


Golden Milk Electuary

Turmeric root (contains approximately 12 Tablespoons per one cup of honey), black pepper, ginger root blended with raw honey and coconut oil to make the whole body supportive, traditional Golden Milk, in an easy to use electuary form.

Stir 1 teaspoon into hot water, milk, coconut milk, almond milk, stir, and enjoy!  It is recommended that you stir periodically while enjoying.  There will be a sediment at the bottom of the cup.  Simply discard this after drinking the infused liquid.

Can be taken straight as a paste as well.

Drink one cup daily for maximum benefits.

The number of servings per jar varies depending on method of use for each individual person.  The most common way to use Golden Milk Electuary is to stir one teaspoon into 6 ounces of hot liquid.  This would give you approximately 20-24 servings per 4 ounce jar.  Some like to use it by the 1/2 teaspoon full taken as is, ,which would give you approximately 40-48 servings per jar.

***If you are on blood thinners or have any bleeding issues, please contact your physician prior to using any turmeric containing products.


Thyme Berry Oxymel Syrup

This oxymel syrup was designed specifically with individuals dealing with chronic conditions in mind.

Thyme is a wonderful and safe antiviral to use long term.  Elderberry helps to support a healthy immune system.  Blackberry adds a nice flavor.   Being an oxymel, this syrup is a vinegar and water based syrup, which allows more extraction of active properties from herbs than simply a water based syrup.  It also provides health benefits from the apple cider vinegar and honey.

Recommended dosage is to take 1tsp to 1 tablespoon two to three times daily.  It will be most effective if used over a period of time.  This syrup may be taken as it is by the spoonful, or added to tea, water, or other liquids to create interesting and unique beverages such as shrubs.

Ingredients:  Water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic raw honey, thyme, elderberries, blackberries.

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