Tadpole Teas – a project to support children’s emotional well being


Tadpole Teas is a project of Sage Moon Apothecary, a small batch apothecary in the village of Northeast Harbor Maine owned and operated by herbalist, Jennifer May.

The mission of Tadpole Teas is to provide oppotunities for emotional support to children through the art of tea making. Jennifer is a wellness practitioner and herbalist with a strong background in Early Childhood Education and Child Developement, as well as a mother to four children and step mother to one. She has found that working with children and teas is a powerful method to provide emotional support and awareness, and to empower children to support their emotional needs.

Jennifer’s plan for Tadpole Teas is to offer workshops to children where they can work with appropriate child-safe herbs under her guidance, to create a specialized tea to suit whatever their need may be in that moment. These teas would then be available to the children that created them and offered on a cost by donation basis at local markets and at Sage Moon Apothecary to help sustain this project and make participation in the workshops available to any child at a low cost.

Some of the Tadpole Tea experiences include, children creating a “tea to help you not be mad when you are mad” and a “tea to help you unstress, when you are stressed.” The guided process includes a conversation with each child about what their emotional needs are, in their languaging. (IE “I feel mad a lot and I would like to make a tea for when I feel mad.”). Through this conversation, an array of herbs is offered that help support the child’s expressed needs. Children then explore, smell, feel and discern which herbs they are drawn to -which are often right on the mark. Jennifer then offers guidance for ratios to create a personalized tea, while the children do the measuring and mixing.

Often during this process, the children begin to share more about the emotions – what it is that makes them feel angry? what have they found that can help? how would they like to feel other than angry? A lot of opening up happens not just through the sharing, but through the energetics of the flowers and leaves and roots themselves.
After the tea blend is created, children will work with Jennifer to bag and box their teas and to create their own personalized labels. Children get to take home a tin of the tea for them to keep and use, and the remainder of the tea is bagged up to be sold on a cost by donation basis to help insure the continuation of the project. Parents are welcome to attend as observers or Jennifer will provide parents with documentation of the workshop.

The plan for Tadpole Teas is that it will eventually become a self sustaining project. To begin, some finances are needed for program developement, marketing, supply costs which include costs of herbs, labels, packaging, and labeling. Every penny raised through this campaign will go directly towards the Tadpole Tea program and will NOT be used for any other branches of Sage Moon Apothecary. Any funding beyond the campaign goal will go into a scholarship fund to provide financial support for children to attend workshops as well as to help sustain this project.

All donations of $100 or more will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate for use at Sage Moon Apothecary.

Tadpole Teas has the potential to transform children, to teach them awareness of their emotions, and to provide them with skills to support themselves.

Please consider supporting this wonderful project and help change the lives of children.

In Graditude.


Tadpole Teas Gofundme campaign


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