Let’s talk Migraines


Let’s talk about migraines.
Migraines are one of the things I am often contacted for help/support with, which makes It very clear that so many suffer from them – hence a good topic to expand on.
I consider migraines one of the things I excel at helping people with. Not just with pain relief, but really getting down to the root causes, the emotional undertones, and truly shifting patterns. I have a very intimate relationship with them, having suffered from them for many years. If you have watched my YouTube video called “Patient to Practitioner”, it touches on this. In my practice I helped many people shift their migraine patterns to either greatly reduce the frequency and severity or to become migraine free. Most of this was done through energetic bodywork both in person and distantly. (Yes distant healing works….you dont have to believe me, you can ask any of the number of people who have been helped through distant healing work).
Because I run and apothecary, I often now focus on helping from the herbal medicine angle, referring people to products that I create that will help with migraines. What is awesome about the product I create, is because of my deep understanding of them, the medicines I create carry that understanding and wisdom in them. (Again, you dont have to believe me, you can ask the great number of people who have used Sage Moon Apothecary products for migraines with great success)
Herbal Medicine can be both symptom treating or it can serve as a catalyst for deeper change and pattern shifting. Usually it does both, or provides opportunities for both.
Not all things that people call migraines are actually migraines. Migraines follow a very specific pattern energetically and always involve an area located in the brain called the visual cortex. Here’s the interesting part. MOST, if not all migraines – at least all that I have worked with – do not originate there. They have their roots in another part of the body, usually not where you’d expect it to be. More often than not, this other area is in the gender specific leg. (Left for females/right for males). When I have worked with people in the past, after some diving into their history and asking them to pay attention at the day or two before they first felt the migraine approaching – this is easy for migraine folks….they know those feelings all too well…………many of them had shared that they will get an aching or pain or some other physical something in their gender specific leg (when I refer to gender specific I am speaking of several schools of healing arts who have maps of the body……..and the body is often divided right down the middle….left side female/right side male). When I was doing energetic bodywork, I could “See” this in my clients, often before they would notice it. I would work there and in the visual cortex area helping to untangle the sticky spots by highlighting this and then through the energy work, they would make a choice as to what they wanted to do with it. It was quite remarkable work. I sometimes would employ the use of gemstones and flower essences. MOST everyone I saw for migraines was either migraine free or had a dramatic reduction in their migraines along with a much greater understanding. (Did you know that you can be having a migraine and experience many of the symptoms and NOT experience pain?)
With herbal medicine, I have taken that knowledge and worked with the energetics of plants to bring a very similar energy to people in the form of a product that they can use themselves. I don’t often include all of the details of my work with migraines and the intricacies of it – each customer gets to discover that on their own, in their own time. I have been told many times from people who started using one of my migraine products for headaches, that they suddenly realized this pain or tightness they had elsewhere in their bodies shifted too….and they hadn’t even really noticed it or thought they were connected. (That’s the catalyst piece I mentioned)
Some of the products that I carry that help bring migraine relief are:
Golden Milk Electuary – helps directly and fairly rapidly with pain relief and reduction of inflammation. When used over a period of time, on a daily basis, it often helps reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. When used at the first onset of symptoms (yes even if they are NOT in the head), it can sometimes stop them from taking hold.
Migraine Elixir Tincture – A blend of herbs that helps both with symptom treatment and with shifting the energetic patterns of migraines in many cases. This is an intuitively created blend, which I relied both on my in depth knowledge of herbal properties, along with a higher knowing of what herbs match migraine energetics.
CBG Headease – a topical oil roller with essential oils and gemstones that help to shift migraine patterns and bring relief of symptoms. A good thing for migraine folks to carry in their pockets.
Cannabinoid Elixir Tincture – not specifically designed for migraines, but quite a few customers have reported that it has been very helpful. This will likely be due to the CBG content from the two varieties of helicrysum essential oils contained along with an amber gemstone. Amber is anti inflammatory and creates fluidity and flow.
ACV Elixir/Turmeric Ginger Switchel – a syrup that can bring great symptomatic relief as well as helping to quickly alkalize the body – often migraines, especially when they have a strong digestive or allergic component to them – are quickly relieved from a quick alkalization. It’s why Alka- Seltzer or sometimes baking soda in water can often work for digestive related migraines. This will also, with regular use, lessen the frequency and severity of migraines.
Adapt Adrenal Tonic – If you suffer from migraines….you are also dealing with adrenal fatigue. There is no way around this. Support your adrenals. period.
I am not currently seeing clients for bodywork or distant work. However, this may be something that I open up again in the future. And as always, even though it is not part of my practice, when someone feels strongly that they need my. Help in this way, I can often find a way to work it out – or refer you to other practitioners that I know that can help.
You can find the products mentioned above at www.sagemoonapothecary.net

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