You dont NEED to know what your illness is most of the time to begin a shift towards health.


As. Humans we are curious beings.  We have lots of questions and want answers, especially with regards to health, especially when we are not feeling our best.  Often people who have fallen ill, go from doctor to doctor seeking test after test in the hopes of finding an answer that can possibly lead them to a course of treatment.  The allopathic treatment for most things will often be symptom treating and attempting to reduce inflammation.  

And often even the holistic treatments for a specific disease or syndrome will be directed at symptom treating.

What I have found in my practices and my own persona life is that you dont always NEED to know what IT is that is afflicting you.  And sometimes it’s a disservice to know.  Medical tests are limited to what they can do now.  They don’t really confirm something such as an autoimmune condition, they simply either collect a symptom profile and give it a name, or rule out things that it is NOT.  All the while, the patient is feeling worse and worse and often emotionally declining into hopeless and helpless.  

If you don’t need to know what it is, then how can you treat something?

The body knows how to work.  There were no mistakes in its design and it is always attempting to move you towards a state of health.  This is what the body does.  When we can go in and support the body to do what it already knows how to do (far better than any doctor or practitioner), it often can take care of itself.  This sounds probably too simple, but it’s true.  The one catch is that it might take time. It took quite a while to where you actually noticed symptoms, so it is going to take a while to shift the patterns.

What I recommend to every person I see with chronic illnesses, known or those unknown mystery ones are three basic things – Adrenal Support, Liver Support, and Immune System support with an antiviral component.  Many studies are now showing the presence of viruses in nearly all autoimmune conditions, when they go looking for them.  The old notion that the body is attacking itself is simply not true and goes against the very nature of life.  The body is attacking something though, most likely a virus or virus like organism, such as the Lyme Spirochete.  

When individuals can stick to the recommended protocol of supporting the adrenals, liver, and immune system for 1 to three months (everyone is different), they will most certainly begin to feel a shift in their health and begin feeling better.  

When we can help the adrenals, liver, and immune system function better – not by stimulating or suppressing, but by nourishing – it relieves the body of energy that it is expending to do so, and it can better address other issues.  

The three products I recommend from Sage Moon Apothecary are:

Adapt Adrenal Tonic – a nourishing adaptogenic syrup (also available in tincture form)

Golden Milk Electuary – excellent liver support and a powerful anti-inflammatory that will help relieve symptoms related to inflammation in addition to supporting the liver.  

Thyme Berry Oxymel OR Beyond Elderberry Syrup – I lean towards the Thyme Berry because of the presence of Thyme which is an excellent and very safe antiviral.  It is a ACV and water infusion, bringing in benefits of ACV.  But for children or adults who do not enjoy vinegar, I would recommend the Beyond Elderberry Syrup.  

Sage Moon Apothecary also carries other herbal products that can help with symptom treatment, such as anxiety, insomnia, allergies, digestive issues, etc…………..AND with using the three recommended products for a while, you may find that you are less in need of treating all of these symptoms, because they just aren’t as present anymore.

I have quite a few people using this protocol and all have reported that they do feel better after about 3 or 4 weeks on it.  And all have been dealing with some pretty serious autoimmune or mystery conditions.  

There certainly also will come along with it, the need to get adequate sleep, water, and eat properly as well as digestive support…………which are sort of just understood.

Please check out my website at for more information on these products and please feel free to contact me for guidance and support at or if you are in the Ellsworth, Maine area, stop by the apothecary at 79A Main Street on Thursdays and Fridays from 10-2 and Saturdays from 10-4.  

If you are interested in all three items on my recommended protocol, I will give you a 10% discount code to use towards their purchase every time you order them together.  Please contact me for details.

Be Well.

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