When the system doesn’t serve, create something new.

“When the systems don’t serve, create something new that does.” 

Whole Wellness Project – REAL Whole Wellness Care.  

Historically Traditional Chinese Herbalist and Practitioners  were paid to keep you healthy.  You paid them as long as you were healthy, and when you fell ill, you were treated for free.  

This idea has stuck with me for 20 years, when I first began my studies in Eastern and Western Herbalism.  Every day I talk to people who would like to improve their health, who complain about the cost and affordability of rising insurance costs and pharmaceutical medications and that are discouraged with allopathic care as their primary (and sometimes only)  option due to insurance limits.  I’ve sat with this for a while and wondered how I could create something similar based on the historical ways of the Chinese Medicine Practitioners.  I believe I have come up with something that could work.  It’s sort of a wellness “subscription” plan that brings together an array of the healing arts.  It is a huge shift of the way our society seems to run and I believe, puts the power back into the hands of the people and practitioners rather than corporations and the government. 

Here’s how it would work.

There is a set monthly fee, which would be affordable (likely no more than $200/250 a month.) 

This would include: monthly bodywork session, an herbal wellness protocol, and any additional herbs, homeopathics, and/or any additional therapies in my scope of practice, as well as check ins – all included under the monthly fee.  (No matter what needs arise, there will be no additional costs.). I am working with other practitioners and hope to include other therapies such as Ayurveda, massage, yoga, etc in these plans.  

The idea is to create a true whole wellness insurance/care where the whole individual is truly cared for by the wellness community.  And also to make wellness care affordable and accessible  and for practitioners to not profit off of illness.  It creates an entirely different positive energy to wellness care one where the client “hires” practitioners and client and practitioner truly work TOGETHER.  

If this is successful i would hope it to serve as a model for other wellness professionals. 

There would certainly be limits to the scope of this and clients would be referred to allopathic medicine providers if that was deemed necessary.  Working together is key. 

The body can heal itself when supported.  This idea puts that front and center and works with individuals to create new levels of health and wellness by supporting the innate abilities of the body and entire self. 

I am working on details and creating an application process which would allow a pre-screening to determine if this would be a good fit for potential clients and to insure that the clients needs are within my scope of practice and experience.  There will be a limit to the number of people accepted. 

If you are interested in learning more or applying for this, please reach out to me via email at sagemoonapothecarymaine@gmail.com or by messenger. 

And I’m also curious what people think about this project . So far it’s been well received with excitement around transforming care. 


Whole Wellness Subscription Project

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